How to transfer data from Amberg Tunnel to Amberg Applications

Export from Amberg Tunnel to Amberg Applications is done in two parts. First part is a project and second one are control points. Both parts must to be loaded to the total station.

1. Export project

  1. In Amberg Tunnel – Project tree, Right-click on the heading you want to export
  2. Select option “Export to Amberg Applications…”
  3. Store exported file (*.at2aa) on SD card into folder TMS in root directory

2. Export Control points

  1. In Amberg Tunnel open “Control points” editor
  2. Export points as DBX job (*.xcf)
  3. Store exported files on SD card into folder DBX

3. Import control points to TS

This workflow is different for each type of Leica total station (Viva, Captivate). What you need to do is set DBX job that was exported as a control job (Control job in Viva, Design data in Captivate).

4. Import project to TS

  1. Insert SD card to the total station
  2. Open Amberg Appliction (SetOut or ProScan)
  3. Navigate to “Project management”
  4. Select project (heading) to load

Now you are ready to work!

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