How to transfer data from Amberg Tunnel to Amberg Navigator

When the project is defined in Amberg Tunnel office software, the next step is to bring it to the field. Workflow to exchange data with Amberg Navigator is very easy. One file contains all project data.

Export from Amberg Tunnel

  1. In Amberg Tunnel – Project tree, Right-click on project name
  2. Select ‘Export to Amberg Navigator Tablet…‘ and store file to USB memory stick. The whole project is packed in one file with extension *.at2nav.

Import to Amberg Navigator

Note: You need administrator rights to load project to Amberg Navigator

  1. Run Amberg Navigator and log in
  2. Go to Administration -> Project management
  3. Click Load Project and find *.at2nav file on your USB memory stick
  4. In the left down corner will appear message that upload was successful
  5. You are ready for field measurements

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