How to get Support data from Amberg Tunnel

Support data is a very usefull tool when you are contacting our support team. It is also an easy way how to creat a backup of the Amberg project.

How to create support data:

  1. Open project from which you want to create support data in Amberg Tunnel
  2. Go to Help -> Collect Support Data

3. In the next window select if you want to collect only design or also the measured data. How to decide this? If you have a lot of laser scanning data the project would be probably too big to send it to support. If you have only total station measurement then the project size is not a problem. Also if you use this tool to create a safety copy of your project you should collect all the data (so do not check the Design data only option)

4. Store support data in some cloud storage and send link to support.tunnel. Please note that data are not sent automatically.

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